Riot Games已经证实,它将不再与LVP UK在英国联赛锦标赛(UKLC)上合作.

在此之前,英国电子竞技新闻(Esports News UK)报道称,LVP将停止在英国的运营.

报道称,LVP(在西班牙经营SuperLiga Orange)将不再在英国运营.

虽然这一说法尚未得到证实,但Riot Games针对的是UKLC将不再由赛事组织者运营的说法.

Riot Games的北欧发行主管莫法德尔(Mo Fadl)在twitter上评论了这一进展:“现在,我们正在讨论2020年UKLC的选择,虽然我们完全理解人们的猜测和解读意愿,但任何关于我们将做什么的猜测都是不成熟的.


相关:达美乐披萨成为LVP的官方合作伙伴,UKLC在伦敦的Twickenham体育场以夏季季后赛决赛结束了它的第一年,Fnatic Rising在3-1战胜Excel UK后把奖杯带回家.


法德尔继续解释说,Riot Games将“继续致力于为英国乃至整个欧洲的《英雄联盟》(league of Legends)打造地区联盟生态系统”.

本月早些时候,Riot Games与4Entertainment合作,在比利时和荷兰推出了全国联赛.

据《电子竞技内幕》报道:UKLC是面向英国玩家的一个良好平台,并且有可能成为Riot Games欧洲电子竞技网络的重要组成部分.



,Riot Games has confirmed that it will no longer be working with LVP UK on the UK League Championship (UKLC).,The developer spoke out following a report from Esports News UK,  which states that LVP will be ceasing operations in the United Kingdom.,RELATED: UKLC partners with GT Omega Racing, Chillblast for grand final,The report claims that LVP – which runs the SuperLiga Orange in Spain – woill no longer operate within the UK. While that hasn’t been confirmed, Riot Games addressed the claim that UKLC would no longer be ran by the event organiser.,Mo Fadl, Head of Publishing Nordics at Riot Games commented on the development in a TwitLonger: “Right now, we’re discussing our options for the UKLC in 2020, and while we totally understand people’s desire to speculate and interpret, any speculation on what we will do is genuinely premature. We are keeping teams up to date, and we’ll make sure to let fans know what’s happening when the time is right.”,RELATED: Domino’s Pizza becomes official partner of LVP,The UKLC wrapped up its inaugural year with its summer playoffs finals at London’s Twickenham Stadium, Fnatic Rising took the trophy home following a 3-1 victory over Excel UK. The former qualified for the European Masters main event, while the latter made it to the play-ins for the ESL-produced European tournament.,Fadl continued by explaining that Riot Games would “continue our commitment in levelling up the regional league ecosystem for League of Legends in the UK and across Europe.” Earlier this month, Riot Games partnered with 4Entertainment to launch national leagues for Belgium and the Netherlands.,Esports Insider says: It’ll be sad to see the UKLC’s demise if it goes that way considering that it’s a good platform for UK players and could’ve become a big part of Riot Games’ European esports network moving forward. Hopefully the developer works something out with another event organiser for 2020 onwards.,Join our Discord Server!